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We are able to register a variety of different marriage contracts as applicable in South Africa. Contact us for more information.

Don't leave important decisions such as the type of marital system you and your spouse should have till the last moment. Be pro active and get advice from us now. It could be the best wedding present you can give or receive.

Fawzia has often consulted with female clients about to divorce, who tell her they were content at that time to leave those decisions to their partner, or that they didn't understand the full import of the document they signed prior to getting married, much to their present dismay.


As a Notary Public, Fawzia is able to provide electronic legal advice, no matter where you reside, on what marital regime will best suit to your own particular lifestyle and needs, thus enabling you to make an informed choice thereafter.

We are able to draft, execute and register your ANC for you regardless of where you live.


If you and your spouse have made or intend to make nikkah (Islamic marriage contract) and want to have your marriage system to be wholly in accordance with Shariah principles, contact us to draft your Islamic marriage contract and have it notarized and registered at the Deeds Office.


If you and your spouse have agreed to be married according to African Customary Law and for your marriage to be governed by customary law, contact us to draft your customary marriage contract and have it notarized and registered at the Deeds Office.


We also draft co- habitation agreements for those couples who have decided to move in together, to enable both to have a degree of certainty around ownership of movable property.
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